The Star of Bethelem Baptized Pentecostal Church of Holiness - 609 Lagonda Ave.
Members of the Star of Bethlehem Church Pentecostal Church of Holiness
Who Have Gone on Before Us
First Lady Pamela Ross
Deacon Harry Adams
Mother Linnie Anderson
Sister Elizabeth Bates
Rev. George Bates
Brother Joseph Bates
Mother Mary Bates
Sister Oma Beatty
Brother Britton
Sister Britton
Sister Priscilla Brown
Brother John Buster
Sister Mary Canady
Sister Pinkie Conners
Rev. Jennie Davis
Brother Jessie Davis
Sister Feeby
Minister Jessie Frye
Sister Margaret Gash
Rev. E. Goldsby
Sister Annie Gray
Sister Evelyn Green
Deacon John Green
Brother Marshall Grevious
Sister Hester Hanley
Rev. Lee Hash
Brother Louise Hawkins
Sister Lek Hill
Asst. Pastor Elder Sidney Hill
Brother William Jackson
Sister Minnie Jennings
Minister Christy Krite
Bishop Charles Lewis
Mother Nannie Lewis
Rev. Lila Lee
Sister Marks
Minister Annie Martin
Brother James Mason
Sister Carrie Morgan
Brother Aaron Morris, Sr.
Sister Mamie Morton
Sister Carolyn Walker Moss
Sister Kate Norman
Deacon Hunter Owsley
Deaconess Nannie Owsley
Sister Stella Parker
Sister Emma Parks
Deacon Houston Parks
Brother Percy Parsons
Trustee Sanford Pinkston, Sr.
Sis. Rogina Denise Ross
Sister Carrie Saunders
Brother Mose Saunders
Rev. John Scott
Sister Katie Scott
Mother Lena Spencer
Brother William Spencer
Sister Hattie Lee Smith
Rev. Lue Eva Smith
Rev. Robert Smith
Sister Lucinda Stevens
Sister Dora Tribble
Sister Minnie Tribble
Sister Anna B. Turley
Sister Patricia Turner
Rev. Roxie Turner
Minister Sarah Turner
Deacon William Turner
Brother Charles Wallace
Brother John Washington
Sister Mary Saunders Washington
Mother Fannie Webb
Brother Stanley Webster
Sister Minnie Willis
Sister Billie Withers
*If anyone has information for any of the above persons, please submit it so that it can be entered. Thank you.
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