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Conference 2014

114th Year

It's Time to Seek the Kingdom and His Righteousness

Matthew 6:31-33

Host Church

The Star of Bethlehem Pentecostal Church of Holiness

609 Lagonda Ave.

Bishop Raymond Ross, Jr.



Thursday Night

August 7, 2014

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Pastor Marvin King

First Baptist Church

Winchester, KY

Lord, Have Mercy

Luke 17:11-19

The first night of conference is described to be, "The Night of Fire." Rev. King had no problem being obedient to the Holy Spirit in delivering the message about The Ten Lepers. If you heard and learned, you want to be the one leper, not the nine. Lord, Have Mercy!


Friday Morning Workshop

August 8, 2014

Pastor Joseph Owens

Shiloh Baptist Church

Lexington, KY

"It's Time to Seek the Kingdom and His Righteousness"

Matthew 6:33

Pastor Owens broke down Matthew 6:33, word for word and explained each one. Once you digest this teaching, you will never see things the same again! One thing he assures that God teaches, is that when you are "going through" something, there is a message in your misery. Put your life in perspective!


Friday Night

August 8, 2014

Rev. Richard Gaines

Consolidated Baptist Church

Lexington, KY

Saved and Worry Free

Matthew 6:31-34

As was described by Bishop Walter A. Jones, "God set him on fire and burned him up."


Saturday Morning

August 9, 2014

Rev. Dr. Maxine Thomas


Saturday Night

August 9, 2014

Youth Night


Sunday Morning

August 10, 2014

Bishop Walter A. Jones, Jr.

Star of Bethlehem Church

Louisville, KY

 "I Want to Be White"

If you were in attendance this morning, you would understand the title of this sermon. Bishop Walter A. Jones delivered an awesome introduction for his sermon, teaching about times of old. Then it was transformed into the Good News about "...being white on the inside..." and the awesome blessings that God gives to those who become "internally white!"


Sunday Night

August 10, 20104

Bishop Raymond Ross, Jr.

The Star of Bethlehem Church of Holiness

(House of Bread)

Host Church

Lexington, KY

"What's First?"

Well, The Star of Bethlehem Pentecostal Church of Holiness 2014, 114th Annual Conference has come to a close. It was truly a Worship Experience. "If" you came looking, you left with something. Our own, Bishop Raymond Ross, Jr., 2014 Conference Host, brought up the rear with his Word from God, "What's First?"(subtitled from the conference theme, "It's Time to Seek the Kingdom and His Righteousness." In spite of all the fire that was lit each day and night, he kept the Levitical duty and kept the fire burning! We were fed and blessed this conference year, as well as each time the doors are open for worship.

See you next year Church Family and Friends!

Same time, Same place!

*If you are interested in purchasing this series of teaching by these awesome messengers of God, the cost for a set of 6 CD's is $30.00.

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Begin to pray for Conference 2015 held in Lexington, KY.

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